Last week I shared some fun book gift-ideas for the kids in your life (or the adults who still enjoy kid books!). Next week I’ll cover contemporary fiction, the following week will be non-fiction. But for now, the genre nearest and dearest: Historical!

Wings Like a Dove
by Camille Eide

I have to list this one first because (a) I just re-read it, (b) it’s one of the best books I’ve read all year, and (c) it releases on Dec 1 from the WhiteFire Group, so I’m really excited about it. This one comes with endorsements from people way more popular than I (like Jane Kirkpatrick, Publisher’s Weekly, and Brian Bird, co-creator and producer of When Calls the Heart), but hey, you’re reading my post right now, not theirs, so you have to listen to my opinion, mwa ha ha ha. 😉 This story–a beautiful love story about a Jewish immigrant who faces down prejudice and malice from the KKK in a small Indiana town in the 1930s, where she ends up meeting the real, unconditional love of our Lord–is AMAZING. It tackles hard things, timely things, but in such a gorgeous, skillful way that you’ll find yourself thinking of it for months after you’ve finished. I deem this one a must-read!!

The Cities of Refuge Series
by Connilyn Cossette

At the moment of writing this, I’m reading Until the Mountains Fall, book three in the series. And, as I’ve come to expect from anything with Conni’s name on the cover, it’s PHENOMENAL. I adore this whole series (which is a spin-off of the Out from Egypt series, though you’ll be fine to pick up these without having read those). If the historical lover on your list likes–or even just wants to try–biblical fiction, these are so great!

The Haven Manor Series
by Kristi Ann Hunter

I love both the concept and execution of these Regencies! They have everything you want from the era-genre, but some extra stuff too, delving into the less known side of things…with a bit of imagination that adds a slice of danger and adventure. Which, of course, equals LOVE. And of course, it’s worth noting that if your or your gift-recipients read book 3 in good time, you could join me and Kristi for a tea party in January! (How cool would it be to get both a book and a tea party book club seat? Just sayin’…)

Before We Were Yours
by Lisa Wingate

I don’t say this lightly–this book is FLAWLESS. Lisa is a Christian author, but this book was published in the general market, and it immediately scorched its way onto all the bestseller lists–for good reason. I’d been hearing about it for a while and finally got the audio version, which was SO well done. One of the few books that made me look for excuses to go exercise or take a drive or do the dishes so I could listen to more. 😉 I have several friends who also listened but then requested the paper version for Christmas this year–which I totally get. This story, about a family of children sucked into the horrors of Georgia Tan’s “orphanages,” is a time-slip between the 1930s kids and a modern day woman determined to figure out what really happened…and what it has to do with her family. SO. GOOD.

Memories of Glass
by Melanie Dobson

I had the honor of reading this one for endorsement, and oh my gracious. I could endorse it heartily! I love Melanie’s time-slip novels, and this one yet again sucked me right into both the modern timeline where I followed a young woman as she tried to unravel the mysteries of her family while also approving funding for a deserving mission school in Africa (which might be run by a handsome guy…) and the WW2 timeline that fictionalizes real events–how those charged with registering the Jews in Holland actually managed to save hundreds of children from being sent to the camps. Perfect for any lover of WW2 or time-slip in general!

A Bound Heart
by Laura Frantz

I love Laura’s books, so when I saw this one coming out this year, I quickly gobbled it up and chose it for my book club, too. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! It combines the drama of Scotland during the Jacobite rebellion with the early colonial-American charm I usually think of when I think of Laura Frantz’s books. Definitely a winner!!

The King’s Mercy
by Lori Benton

All of Lori’s books also make my must-read list. I read this one and Laura’s above back to back, so I was a bit amused at the similar themes of Scottish rebels sentenced to indentured servitude in America as their punishment…but that’s where the similarities end. The King’s Mercy also includes the Native American aspect I always look for in Lori’s books, as well as a love story to make you sigh and some danger to keep you on the edge of your seat. Loved it!

My Dearest Dietrich
by Amanda Barratt

I love Amanda Barratt. And I’m so inspired by the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. So the fact that she wrote a novelization of his bittersweet love story–SO COOL. This one is definitely a hurry-and-buy for any lover of WW2 fiction!

And that’s probably enough for one list, LOL. Though of course, always remember that if you’re looking for SIGNED book options for those historical-fiction lovers, I’m your girl. 😉 Just check out

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