Yet another Word of the Week inspired by my weekend activities. 😉 I confess: I’m not a decorator. Most of the decorations in my house are books, LOL. (The best decorations, if I do say so myself.) Things like curtains…meh. I’ve put them up in most rooms, simply to block the light when necessary, but I’d never bothered in my kitchen. I don’t know. I just…didn’t.

But upon taking down the lovely garland I’d strung over my windows at Christmas, they looked so bare. So I decided, “It’s time to get curtains.” Or, upon looking up what I actually wanted, make them.

Of course, making curtains reminds me of one of the frequent goofs I’ve made in my British-set books: referring to those window-hangings as drapes. Apparently they don’t ever call them that in the UK. So it’s high time I look it up, right!

While doesn’t denote drapes as being an American usage, it is rather recent. Though the verb, “to hang with fabric,” is from the 1400s, it didn’t turn into a noun at all until  the 1660s, and it didn’t at that point have the particular meaning of “curtain.” That didn’t come about–pluralized, drapes, not just drape–until 1895. It’s a direct derivation–the draping of fabric over windows, and drapery is a similar derivation–so logical. But apparently not universal. 😉

I just finished sewing my cheerful calico curtains, now draped over my windows. How about you? What kind of drapery do you fancy as window treatments, or do you like bare panes of glass?

And since everyone keeps asking in the comments, I’m adding a photo of my newly-stitched curtains…

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