Last night my poor little Rowyn had a toenail come off (ouch!), and his papa said that that surely deserved as much consideration as losing a tooth. So Rowyn got to pick dinner. Hence how the White family ended up eating waffles, macaroni and cheese, and grapes, LOL.
And hence why I thought to look up waffle this week. 😉 It’s pretty interesting!
The waffle we know, love, and eat comes directly from the Dutch wafel, which comes in turn from a very, very old German word, wabila, which means “web, honeycomb.” It made it into English by 1744–and waffle iron in 1790! I had no idea they were that old.
But then there’s the verb, the one that means “to vacillate.” I’ve always wondered what in the world that had to do with a tasty breakfast food. Turns out, NOTHING. They’re from completely different roots. Waffle, the verb, came around in the 1690s as an imitation of a bark or yelp (like “woof”). By 1701, it meant “to talk foolishly.” That’s the meaning that led, a hundred years later, to the one we use today. It was first used in Scotland and northern England…while the Dutch deliciousness was making 
its way to us from a different direction. 😉
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