I have frequently been accused of optimism. I confess: it’s a malady of mine. Why, after all, should I look at the dark side, when the bright side is right there? I just can’t do it. And so, my critique partners nicknamed me RO. It’s short for Roseanna-Optimist. I claimed once that Optimism was my middle name, and they argued that it was surely my first–at the least, it must be hyphenated, LOL.

So happy words have a permanent place in my vocabulary, and apparently they occasionally sneak into my writing even when they shouldn’t. 😉 I was reading through a proposal the other day and caught myself having used “upbeat” in a story that takes place in 1910. This stood out to me on the re-read like a sore thumb, so I looked it up.

Sure enough, upbeat as “with a positive mood” didn’t join our language until 1947. It had existed since the mid 1800s in its technical sense–the beat of a measure of music where the conductor’s baton is raised. Why did it take on optimistic tones? According to the experts, simply because it sounds happy. =) (That’s my kind of reasoning!)

And speaking of happy things, this is the week of my birthday, so don’t forget that I’m hosting an online Mary Kay party that ends on the day itself, 8/14 (Wednesday). If you’re a fan of MK, do hop on over to http://www.marykay.com/terriharr and put “Roseanna White Hostess” into the memo box when you check out. Mucho appreciated!

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