Hope everyone had a great weekend! We participated in a fundraiser walk for some friends of our adopting from Ethiopia, watched Captain America, and did some much-needed straightening up around here. =) Two of those activities were much more fun than the other, LOL.

As a reminder, here’s this week’s bonus prize, in addition to a daily copy of Ring of Secrets! And if you haven’t watched my new video book trailer yet for Whispers from the Shadows, I added that to my left sidebar. It’s so much fun!

Now onward we go. =)

Word of the Week . . . Calm

Did you know that calm is related to heat? I sure didn’t! But our word calm comes from Old Spanish and Portugese calma, which meant “the heat of the day.” The time of day when everything came to stand-still, when work stopped so animals and people alike could find some shade and take a siesta. 😉 The Spanish in turn came from the Latin cauma, meaning “burning heat.”

So if your July is anything like mine, it’s been full of cauma to be sure–so a fine time to seek out some shade (or a pool) and enjoy some quiet and calm.

Your question of the day:

Which is your favorite season and why?
Mine is spring–love the new life, that brilliant green of fresh growth, and the moderate temperatures. Fall’s a close second…but it ends in winter, which is my least favorite, so… (And yet, yes, I named a character Winter, and I adore her. What can I say? LOL)

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