Much as I can’t believe it, there is only ONE MONTH before the release of Whispers from the Shadows, book 2 in the Culper Ring Series!

Man, the last six months have flown by!!

And you know what? I still have boxes and boxes of Ring of Secrets sitting here, just waiting to find happy homes. So…how better to get them into eager hands than with a massive giveaway??

Excellent question. Answer: there is no better way. πŸ˜‰

So [insert trumpet blare here], allow me to introduce the great, the magnificent

30 Days of Giveaways!!

Each and every day for the month of July, I’ll be giving away 1 copy of Ring of Secrets (if you already own RoS, you can have another of my books. If you have them all, then someone else’s). PLUS, once a week (drawn on Friday), I’ll be giving away a bonus gift. First up:

A $15 gift card to Bath & Body Works

Now…confession. This giveaway has an ulterior motive *gasp*. No, not that I want to suck you into my series with book 1 and thereby cajole you into ordering book 2. Well, I man, obviously that, but it’s not what I mean. πŸ˜‰  I’d also love to get y’all talking more on the blog. So. If you think I’m discontinuing my normal blogging…think again.

Did you know that Mondays are Word of the Week days around here? Seriously! And this is the sort of fun we have on Mondays.

Today–nickname. Ever wonder where that word came from? No, not from all the Nicholases that came to be called Nick. πŸ˜‰ Nope. It’s from eke.

Wouldn’t have guessed, would you? But it is. Eke, which means “to lengthen or supplement” (usually laboriously), was added to “name” back centuries ago as an “additional” name. But over time, “eke-name” got shifted and mispronounced and became “nickname.”

Fun, eh?

So my question to you today is:

What’s the funniest/strangest/sweetest nickname you’ve ever been called? 

My answer: Boat. Wanna figure out how I got that one?

Now–get entering! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Day 2, and more fun stuff. =)

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