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In The Number of Love Margot De Wilde is the sole female codebreaker among the cryptographers of England’s Room 40, and she has no desire for any distractions. She’s always viewed the world through mathematics and numbers, but when an unfathomable loss strikes her, the numbers–and God–go silent. It will take an action-focused intelligence agent home on medical leave to help her see that sometimes the answers to the unsolvable mysteries lie within one’s own heart.

In On Wings of Devotion, nurse and heiress Arabelle Denler finds herself “kidnapped” (with her father’s permission) by England’s most notorious presumed criminal–Major Phillip Camden, known as Black Heart, who’s thought to be responsible for the deaths of his Royal Air Force squadron and is now working for the Admiralty’s intelligence division. But she knows in a glance that there’s more to Camden than his reputation, and after she sacrifices all her dreams for the sake of his sister, she knows the Lord is calling her to show Cam that there’s still something worth fighting for in life…if only he can believe himself worthy of it.

The series concludes with A Portrait of Loyalty, where Russian cryptographer and pattern-spotting genius Zivon Marin finds himself a man without a country after the Bolshevik revolution destroys his world and threatens his life. He ends up in Room 40, but proving his loyalty is no easy feat, especially when old enemies try to ruin everything. Photography expert Lily Blackwell is willing to trust the mysterious man her father introduces her to, but is even her expertise with photographs enough to paint a picture of Zivon that will satisfy the authorities?

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