Dreams of Savannah

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Cordelia Owens can weave a dream around anything and is well used to winning the hearts of everyone in Savannah with her whimsy. Even when she receives word that her sweetheart has been lost during a raid on a Yankee vessel, she clings to hope and comes up with many a romantic tale of his eventual homecoming to reassure his mother and sister.

But Phineas Dunn finds nothing redemptive in the first horrors of war. Struggling for months to make it home alive, he returns to Savannah injured and cynical, and all too sure that he is not the hero Cordelia seems determined to make him.

As the War Between the States rages ever nearer and Savannah's slaves start sneaking away to the islands off the coast to join the Yankees, both Phin and Cordelia get caught up in questions they never thought they'd have to ask--questions that threaten the very dreams of a future they'd cherished.

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  1. Laura Mortimer

    Delia Owens is more than a dreamer. Born into the life of a southern belle, with privilege and a personal servant, she constantly adapts hero and heroine stories in her head. As war has now begun between the States, her creativity not only comforts her, but is an escape for families in her war-ravaged town.

    Phin Dunn, Delia’s love interest, is a proper Savannah gentleman who sets sail on the Confederacy’s first cruiser. His adventures become not only unexpected, but a full-out nightmare. He cannot even imagine himself out of the mess, much less make the journey home. His struggles are more than a physical barrier, but he now has a new awareness that can never be avoided.

    A book of adventure, love, and the hard discussion of slavery are entwined in Roseanna M. White’s twenty-fourth novel. Her story is always engaging, no matter the content, but it’s wonderful how she tackles new eras, topics, and characters. Delia is my favorite character in Dreams of Savannah because her purity and yet open-eyed honesty makes her a memorable heroine in her own story. Be prepared to get connected to several other important characters, but I do not want to give away any details. The surprises are well worth picking up this book. Enjoy your own escape!

    I received a complimentary copy of Dreams of Savannah from the publisher. I was not required to provide a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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