The Reluctant Duchess (Signed) – Ladies of the Manor, Book 2

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Lady Rowena Kinnaird may be the heiress to a Highland earldom, but she has never felt good enough–not for her father, not for the man she thought she’d marry, not for God. But after a shocking attack, she’s willing to be forever an outcast if it means escaping Loch Morar.

Brice Myerston, the Duke of Nottingham, has found himself in possession of a rare treasure his enemies are prepared to kill for. While Brice has never been one to shy away from manor-born ladies, the last thing he needs is the distraction of Lady Rowena, who finds herself in a desperate situation. But when Rowena’s father tries to trap Brice into marrying his daughter, Brice makes a surprising decision.

Rowena wanted to escape the Highlands, but she’s reluctant to marry a notorious flirt. And when she learns that Brice is mixed up in questionable business with a stolen treasure, she fears she’s about to end up directly in the path of everything she was trying to avoid.

Ladies of the Manor, Book 2

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1 review for The Reluctant Duchess (Signed) – Ladies of the Manor, Book 2

  1. Lynda E.

    Roseanna M. White’s second installment to her Ladies of the Manor series is outstanding! After being thoroughly engrossed in the first book, I could not wait to pick up and devour The Reluctant Duchess. I found myself thinking of the story when I couldn’t read it, snatching just a few minutes here or there to advance to the next chapter, and using any excuse to read for a prolonged period of time.

    The characters are great in this installment, with a secondary character from the first book, Brice, taking on hero status in this novel. His story is very enjoyable and I love the depth and detail added to his character, motivations, and beliefs. Even his flaws are relatable, and I found myself a bit shocked to realize I had done the very thing he began to berate himself for as the book came to a climax.

    Especially beautiful in this novel is the strong spiritual thread that covers many topics: a person’s value and how it is determined, how we hear from God, and how we respond when we do hear from Him are all examined. I like that not everyone feels or experiences the same things, which makes for an intriguing exploration of the different ways God works in our lives.

    Delving into the weighty topic of relationships and how romance blossoms, I appreciate this subtle twist on a marriage of convenience story. Everything happens rapidly at first, then begins to slow down as our newly married couple (newly introduced, really!) gets to know one another. The tension is ever-present as it is two steps forward, one step backward in the dance of attraction, interest, and love.

    Filled with mystery, humor, romance, and enough twists to keep the reader guessing into the upcoming series’ conclusion, I would highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy historical romance with a suspenseful feel, but with a mild caution to younger readers and those sensitive to domestic abuse. While it can be read as a standalone novel, to maximize appreciation for this complex tale, The Lost Heiress should be read first as an introduction to both the mystery and some of the characters.

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for this honest review. All of the opinions expressed are my own and I received no further compensation for sharing them.

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