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Discreet Disclosures for the Most Discerning

Whether acting as the mysterious Mr. A and his associates or the fashion-forward Lady M and her brother, the Imposters have a most intriguing world. Smoke, mirrors, technology, theater, and acrobatic skills all combine in their Northumberland home. Meet Leonidas the Lion, get Fashion Tips for the Frugal from Lady M, flex your investigative skills, fill your handbag with what a good PI needs, and get ready for some fun!

The Imposters Collection

Fashion & More

Peacock art on stationery, handmade vintage-style handbags, the Imposters books, and more!

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Lady M’s Fabulous (and Frugal) Fashion

Lady M may look like she’s wearing the latest styles from the Parisian world of Haute Couture, but in truth, her entire wardrobe is remade, altered, dyed, and decorated gowns that once belonged to her mother. Ready to look like a million and only spend a dozen? Let Lady M be your guide…

Test Your Skills

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Master Investigtor?

Test your memory, brush up your observational skills, and learn some tricks of the trade.

Train the Brain

Learn the strategies field agents and military use to improve their memories.

Test Your Skills

Ready to put yourself to the test? Let’s see if you have what it takes!

The Tool Kit

Fill your bag with all the essential tools that Imposters use on their investigations!

Write It Fast

Learn the basics of shorthand, and why it comes in so handy in the field…

Inside the

Edwardian Circus

Without question, the Imposters would not be who they are if not for the influence of the circus performers and animals that fill their world and have imparted their skills. Go inside the Big Top and learn what circuses were like over a century ago!

The Animals

Learn about the history of the circus managerie and meet the animals that feature in the Imposters books!


From feats on high wires, horseback, on rings, and more, the acrobats always impress!


There’s nothing so inspiring as a trapeze act! Learn all about aerialists and the art of defying gravity.

The Big Top

Even the Big Top itself was a feat of engineering…and occasionally disaster.

About Us


MI5 and Spy Mania

In the early 1900s, “intelligence” may have been the name of the game, but it was largely fueled not by reality, but by fiction. Learn more about the intelligence machine of the day and the novels that rewrote reality.

On the Stage

The Theater

Theater’s proud tradition plays a key role in the world of the Imposters. Come inside to learn more about how to put on accents, learn your lines, look the part, and more.


The Players

Meet the Imposters

Who possesses all the skills needed to pull off the work of the Imposters? Learn a bit more about each member of the team, as well as some neighbors and friends who play a role, wittingly or unwittingly…

Lord Yates Fairfax

Lord Yates Fairfax

An earl and the owner of Fairfax Tower, Yates once dreamed of running off to join the circus…or take to the stage. Instead, he now devotes himself to the care of the animals, initiating all contact with potential clients, and pursuing whatever leads are necessary for solving each case. He is an expert at accents and dialect and a veritable circus strongman.

Lady Marigold Fairfax

Lady Marigold Fairfax

Lady Marigold Fairfax may look like a fashion icon, but she is also an acrobat, trapeze artist, and an expert at memorization. Beneath her austentatious hats and eye-catching costumes is a quick wit and keen eye. While her brother is pursuing the leads, Marigold observes their clients, often learning key facts for the case and building out many a dossier from gossip she overhears in drawing rooms too.

Gemma Parks

Gemma Parks

Gemma Parks is better known among London society by her nom de plume, G. M. Parker. Gemma has been regaling the city with her society column in London Ladies Journal for years and is responsible for catapulting “Lady M” to fame. Gemma is also Marigold’s oldest friend, and her columns provide alibis as well as fame; she sneaks about as a servant to gather information and is the expert in shorthand.

Graham Wharton

Graham Wharton

In addition to being a distant cousin of the Fairfaxes, Graham is an architect by trade. His expertise gets the Imposters into and out of many an impossible setting.

Lieut. Col. Sir Merritt Livingstone

Lieut. Col. Sir Merritt Livingstone

Sir Merritt earned his knighthood during the Boxer Rebellion and is also a member of the Coldstream Guard, an elite force best known for protecting the monarchy. His training and honor take him far. A recent promotion has him assisting in combining all the intelligence branches into one centralized organization.

The Location

Fairfax Tower, Alnwick, and Northumberland

There’s nothing like a roaring sea and a rugged coastline…especially when you throw in a few ancient castles with secrets waiting to be discovered! Learn more about Northumberland and Alnwick, as well as the manor houses the Imposters explore, Fairfax Tower and Alnwick Abbey.

About Us


Fruit tart, classic porridge, and more!

The Imposters don’t just have to work for their living…they often have to cook their own food too. Some of it’s simple (hello, classic English porridge!), but there are also some scenes in the books with treats like fruit tart and Victoria cake.

Fun & Games

Paper dolls, coloring pages, circus themes, and more!


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