The Problem

You need to dress up an outfit fast, and you don’t have a lot of time to do so.
You’re still dressed for work or are just relaxing in something simple and comfy. When GASP, you remember you need to be somewhere in just minutes and don’t have time to change. What’s a girl to do? 

The Fix

Your evening or appointment is saved with a quick fix – a scarf. And no, I’m not talking about an infinity scarf. You want a scarf that is free-flowing and able to drape. A pin is the only other thing you’ll need. A decorative broach or a large safety pin will do.

First fix, if you are wearing jeans, weave the scarf into the belt loops and make sure that the two ends meet just in front of one of your hips. Tie the ends together loosely and allow the ends to drape down your leg.

For the second fix, you are wearing a simple dress. Drape the scarf behind one shoulder while wrapping the scarf all the way around you. You can pin it in place with a decorative pin for a little added sparkle or use a safety pin underneath so that very little of the pin is visible. This tip also works if you want a more modest neckline.

Also, using an oversized scarf as a shawl is always a classic look and can work with almost any outfit.

Need to do something quick with your hair? A scarf can be your quick emergency go-to. Tie it around a ponytail. Wrap it around a bun. Tie it around your hair like a headband.

And there you go – quick, stylish wardrobe pick-me-ups that take just moments to add.

Always keep a neutral-colored scarf in a resealable bag in your purse, and you’ll be ready no matter what last-minute surprises get thrown your way. And you should always have a safety pin or two on hand for emergencies (like a ripped seam).


Written by Lady M

Lady Marigold Fairfax, dubbed Lady M by society columnist G. M. Parker, regularly sets the London social scene abuzz with her cutting edge fashions. What no one knows is that she creates all her masterpieces at home in her costumery studio, with the help of her Romani seamstress, Zelda.

W R I T E   T O   L A D Y   M

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