The Problem

You need a quick touch of bling or elegance to an everyday hairstyle.

You know what it’s like; you’ve fixed your hair for the day, and it looks fine. But it’s evening, and you need to update your look to something more appropriate for your plans.

Whether you have an updo, a messy bun, a ponytail, or loose-styled hair, any of these tips can be used to achieve quick results that will be unique to you.

The Fix

Look around your home, specifically your personal space. What can you see? Brooches, Flowers, Decorative Accessories, Christmas Ornaments, and more can all be temporarily turned into fun and unique looks.

You only need a hair barrette or two and a hairpin (or bobby pin). I know it sounds too simple. But I’ve been using these tricks for years and get compliments on these nonhair accessories. 

One of my favorites is Christmas ornaments that have an alligator clip. The butterfly is an ornament that I can clip into my hair whenever and no other items are needed. If you have a couple of smaller butterflies, you can clip them on either side of your head, pulling your hair back like a barrette.

I also use Christmas ornaments that have their hanging string attached to them. These can be placed in the hair with a barrette or hairpins (for an updo).

Artificial flowers that you have in vases are a quick addition to updos. Slip the wire stem into your hair for a colorful splash. And if you are wearing floral perfume, a quick squirt to the flower is a nice touch.

If you don’t have any artificial flowers, you can also make tissue paper flowers; I’m partial to roses because they are easy to make. Save any tissue wrappings that have been used for gift-giving for an on-hand supply for making paper roses. The roses are held in the hair with the yarn used to bind the roses together. Perfect for almost any hairstyle.

Leis can be wrapped around a bun or ponytail for a simple-to-apply but elegant look. 

My final tip can provide the most bling – brooches can add extra sparkle to your hair. Slip the pin portion over the top portion of the barrette and apply it to your like any other barrette and bring attention to your hair.

Just look around your home and reimagine what you have as something else. You’ll be surprised what treasures you have at hand. And soon, you’ll have the hair everyone is talking about and admiring.


Written by Lady M

Lady Marigold Fairfax, dubbed Lady M by society columnist G. M. Parker, regularly sets the London social scene abuzz with her cutting edge fashions. What no one knows is that she creates all her masterpieces at home in her costumery studio, with the help of her Romani seamstress, Zelda.

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