The Prophet's Songbird

At His Feet: Mary Magdalene’s Story

Extraordinary Women of the Bible, Book 4

Mary Madalene, a favorite in Herod’s court, is living a life she could only dream of. But darkness plagues her, and it seems the more she indulged, the emptier she feels. Why can no one see her? Then one day John the Baptizer is dragged into the court. His words enrage Herodias–but they pierce Magdelene’s soul. He calls them all to repentance, but what does that mean?

Soon, she flees the court and meets a Teacher who offers the love, forgiveness, and healing she has been longing for, and she understands John’s words. But following Jesus and providing for Him and His disciples brings some of her old enemies into conflict with Jesus. What if her faith and loyalty bring Him and His disciples more trouble?

About the Extraordinary Women of the Bible Series

There are many women in Scripture who do extraordinary things. Women whose lives and actions were pivotal in shaping their world as well as the world we know today. In each volume of this series, you’ll meet these well-known women and learn their deepest thoughts, fears, joys, and secrets. Read their stories and discover truths in their journeys of faith as they follow the paths God laid out for them. Each book can read independently and out of order.

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