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Yesterday’s Tides

In two world wars, intelligence and counterintelligence, prejudice, and self-sacrifice collide across two generations.

On the small island of Ocracoke, in the chain of North Carolina’s barrier island Outer Banks, there’s a village. In that village, there’s an inn. And in that inn, stories played out across generations. Stories that didn’t just shape the lives of those few people who claimed the inn as their home…stories that rippled out to impact their community, their countries, and the world.

Yesterday’s tides always affect today’s currents…and the choices we make today will play out for thousands of tomorrows.

Come away for a while to Ocracoke. Sit around the table at the Ocracoke Inn and enjoy some of the Southern hospitality they’re known for. Rest secure, knowing the Coasties are watching over you. And dive into the waters of story.

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Ocracoke Inn Recipes

The ladies of the Ocracoke Inn are known around the island and well beyond as fantastic cooks…and especially for their baked goods. Come sample some of their favorites, and get variations too, for whichever way of eating you embrace!

American Sign Language (ASL)

Ready to Learn the Signs?

Learn the history of American Sign Language, how names are assigned, and see the signs from the book.


Did you know ASL is based on older signing systems?

Read about the history!


Ever wonder what your name’s sign would be in ASL?

Learn all about sign names!


Wondering what Elsie’s signs looked like? Take a chapter-by-chapter tour with an ASL teacher!

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From Room 40 to Bletchley Park

In the Great War, England revolutionized intelligence with their Room 40 codebreaking team of cryptographers. Between the wars, those codebreakers went on to form a Cryptography School for the government, training the next generation…and founding Bletchley Park in World War 2.

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Here’s where you can shop all things Yesterday’s Tides! From signed copies of the books, to the sea glass prayer jewelry Evie would have made, to the Yaupon tea islanders enjoy, my Bookish Things shop has you covered!

Easter Eggs

Did You Find Them?

Yesterday’s Tides pulls all my romance books together! Did you catch all the references to previous books? Check the list to see if you spotted them all!


The Family

Meet the Characters

Across two generations, it’s the members of the families and the guests at the inn that make Ocracoke and Yesterday’s Tides what it is. Meet the people whose secrets have such far-reaching consequences.

Louisa Adair

Louisa Adair

Louisa Adair has lived all her memory on Ocracoke Island, helping her family manage their inn. Though visitors tend to see only her pretty face, she’s actually a genius at fixing things, from broken steps to Coast Guard equipment. Family means more to her than anything…including her dreams of seeing the world.

Remington Culbreth

Remington Culbreth

Second son of an English baron and an American “Dollar princess,” Rem is the bookish, scholarly one…and not much inclined to take over his maternal grandfather’s business empire while his older brother inherits the barony. What he wants is a life in academia. But what he wants doesn’t seem to matter much.

Evie Farrow

Evie Farrow

Though Evie had many options open to her in life, she chose to live in Ocracoke and run the inn. Though she has no regrets, when war breaks out, she’s left an ocean away from most of the people she loves most. That doesn’t stop her, however, from doing all she can to care for her neighbors…even if she’s more than she seems.

Sterling Bertram

Sterling Bertram

Englishman Sterling Bertram can’t tell anyone about his true work. Though technically in the Royal Navy, he’s an intelligence officer, in America chasing a lead for a German agent.



And that’s all we can say about him. Shhh.

The Location

Ocracoke Island

The Atlantic Ocean and Pamlico Sound surround this small barrier island. From the lighthouse–one of the oldest still in operation in America–to the maritime forests, from Blackbeard’s lair to the shops and inns, Ocracoke is an island full of history and life. Learn more about why it captures so many hearts.


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Fun & Games

Downloadable codebreaking games and coloring pages, fun for adults AND kids!