The Prophet's Songbird

The Prophet’s Songbird: Atarah’s Story is the 15th book in the Ordinary Women of the Bible fiction series.

With a prophet for a father and a professional mourner for a mother, Atarah has always known the power of words and of song. But her joyful praises are silenced when she is captured in a Syrian raid along with Tavi, a young man who loses his freedom trying to protect her. However, in Damascus, Atarah soon discovers that their new master, Naaman, isn’t the monster she expected—and that her songs glorifying the Most High have a profound effect on his household.

When Naaman shows signs of leprosy, which could spell the end of his career and destroy his family, Atarah tells him of a prophet in Israel who could banish the disease with a word. Though Naaman’s enemies hope for the worst, Atarah trusts he will encounter the power of the Most High. But by faithfully serving a master who serves Israel’s enemy, has she cut herself off from her people forever? Or will the One True God use her to teach a new song of praise to His children?

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