The Nature of a Lady Companion Articles

Readers know me as an author who loves to do my historical research and weave it into my stories. And one of the things I take great joy in is sharing the history I’ve learned that colors or shows up in my books. In the past, I’ve put together companion guides for my biblical fiction and a few of my Edwardian and Great War stories, and I frequently write blog articles about the interesting things that I learn.

As The Nature of a Lady moves out into the world, I wanted to bring you some articles on a few of the topics that inform the story and paint you a visual picture of the stunning setting.

Welcome to the Isles of Scilly

A visual tour through St. Mary’s and Tresco, the two largest islands in the chain, and where most of The Nature of a Lady takes place; Libby is staying on St. Mary’s, and Oliver is a Tresco native.

A Tour of the Abbey Gardens

One of the most visited spots in all the isles is the famous Abbey Gardens of Tresco. Come along for a tour and learn about this amazing attraction, which features heavily in the book.

John Mucknell, Pirate Admiral

Arr, me mateys! Come along and learn about the pirate who put himself under the command of an exiled king…and found himself the leader of an entire pirate fleet!

Piper’s Hole

This sea cave plays a huge part in The Nature of a Lady and has a rich history in the islands too…as well as a fun amount of lore. Come along, and perhaps you’ll hear the fairies piping.

Science and Faith

Libby and Oliver have some great conversation about how and where science and faith meet. Does it need to be a battle? Explore the question with me and some other writers who are passionate about the topic.