Writing Roseanna

My main blog at www.RoseannaMWhite.blogspot.com is where I muse about the etymology of words (yes, I’m a word nerd. No apologies, LOL), share bits of interesting history I learn through my research, and get thoughtful about faith and our world. I’ll occasionally share behind-the-scenes on book cover designs (for my books when possible and also the ones I design for other authors), and of course, let my readers know any news related to my books.

Behind the Design

My book cover design business, Roseanna White Designs, also has a website with a blog that focuses solely on taking readers inside the design process and showing how a book cover moves from idea to finished product.

Colonial Quills

I’m also honored to be part of the Colonial Quills group blog, where all the posts focus on things early American. Though I post once every other month these days, I do also participate in the CQ’s popular online Tea Parties–a chance to choose a fabulous gown, have some digitals goodies, and talk books!