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Welcome to the world of Roseanna, author, editor, and reviewer of Christian literature.  Feel free to browse the site to see what's going on in my life lately and for news on my books and projects.

If you're a fan of Christian romance, historic or contemporary, then we'll get along great!  I have a special place in my heart for those eras gone by and have a blast with modern stories too.  From my published novel set in Biblical Jerusalem and Rome I've traveled in my mind to Victorian England, where my Fire Eyes Trilogy is set, forward again to 1920s Chicago, and on up to the present in settings such as the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a small town in Missouri, and my native Maryland. 


Take a peek at the links below to see where I've gone with these settings!






Beautiful is a dangerous thing to be when one is unprotected.

Journey back to the Jerusalem and Rome of Jesus' day to look through the eyes of a Hebrew slave.



(Published by WFP, 2005)



The secrets of her parents' deaths are locked in twin red diamonds.

Indian curses, villainous schemes, and the secrets of her own past

threaten to keep a passionate repatriate from her true love.


(Represented by Benrey Literary Agency)




The underworld was at her feet, but all she sought was love.

Betrayal and disillusionment open her eyes to the truth behind her family's dark world. But can she grasp faith in time to forge a new life with a man determined to live honestly?

(Represented by Benrey Literary Agency)